Author Resources

In respose to a growing number of requests from our customers, WMC Publishing today provides a growing range of resources for authors, designers  and publishers through our shop.

Current categories include:

Background scenes
Character Sets
Coloring Pages
Wall art 

What some of our long-standing customers are saying about us...

Laurie Szott-Rogers

You do such beautiful work and I really appreciate all of your time and feed-back. Thanks for everything!

Laurie Szott-Rogers – A customer since June 2013

Thank you very much for your magnificent work. I really appreciate you, your expertise and your great service.

Robert Rogers RH (AHG) – A customer since April 2013

Robert Rogers RH (AHG)
Barbara Dee

Excellent work and outstanding customer service. You often ‘make my day’ and keeping our connection means a lot to me!

Barbara Dee – A customer since June 2013

Issia Jordan

“A first class service – speedy, well done, responsive to requests, forward thinking and patient. Highly recommended.”

~ Issia Jordan

Romana Van Lissum

“We work well together and your response to my questions was immediate. My books also turned out great. Many thanks!”

~ Issia Jordan

Ronald Hudkins

“The best formatting I have had on any of my books. Very impressed!”


~ Ronald E. Hudkins