• Book Formatting Service

    We offer a "bespoke" book formatting service, taking your finished manuscript and formatting and converting it into a print-ready PDF or Kindle eBook file. We also offer a cover service for books which we convert. Click here for details. Click here for details.

  • Done For You Sudoku Puzzle Books

    Many of our authors have been drawn to the current puzzle book craze and, to help those without any knowledge of working with puzzle books to get up and running quickly, this service will have you online as a puzzle book author in no time at all. Click here for details.

  • Puzzle Book Formatting Service

    Our puzzle book formatting service is aimed at authors who are happy to produce their own graphic images, but who need help to compile their puzzle graphics into a print-ready PDF for submission to a distributor. Click here for details. Click here for details.

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You do such beautiful work and I really appreciate all of your time and feed-back. Thanks for everything!Laurie Szott-Rogers - A customer since June 2013
Thank you very much for your magnificent work. I really appreciate you, your expertise and your great service.Robert Rogers RH (AHG) - A customer since April 2013
Excellent work and outstanding customer service. You often 'make my day' and keeping our connection means a lot to me!Barbara Dee - A customer since June 2013

Featured Authors

While we have worked with literally hundreds of authors over the past few years, every now and then we feature an author's work here on WMC Publishing.

The number of authors we feature is small and, in all cases, our aim is not simply to showcase their work, but also to help them to develop and grow their portfolios. We also often aim to select authors with common interests, so that they can help and inspire each other. For example, we currently feature several authors publishing adult coloring books, as well as a couple of authors who are building substantial puzzle book empires.

Featured author status is offered to our current customers by invitation only.

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"The best formatting I have had on any of my books. Very impressed!"

~ Ronald E. Hudkins

"A first class service - speedy, well done, responsive to requests, forward thinking and patient. Highly recommended."

~ Issia Jordan

"We work well together and your response to my questions was immediate. My books also turned out great. Many thanks!"

~ Romana Van Lissum

"An outstanding job - every single time!"

~ Bill Cronin