7 Benefits of Kids’ Coloring

7 Benefits of Kids’ Coloring

Kids love to draw and, in particular, to color but did you know that this is more than just a case of having fun. There are a host of advantages to coloring and here are just 7 benefits of kids’ coloring:

1. Improves handwriting. Manipulating a pencil requires both hand strength and dexterity and coloring is an ideal way to develop these. In turn, the ability to hold and use a pencil correctly will result in an improvement in your child’s handwriting.

2. Develops hand and eye coordination. When working with coloring pages, the child needs to add color to particular areas of a picture, and to keep these colors within defined boundaries. This, combined with the need to hold and manipulate a coloring pencil correctly, helps to develop hand and eye coordination.

3. Develops concentration. It is very important for a child to learn to concentrate on a task and coloring is an ideal way to get a child to focus attention on one specific task and develop the ability to concentrate.

4. Develops patience. Coloring more complex subjects can take a long time, but the ability to relax and focus on the task at hand helps your child to learn the value of patience.

5. Builds knowledge. Using coloring pages from a wide range of different themes helps to spark a child’s curiosity, generate questions and build knowledge. In addition, a child will learn to recognize shape, form, patterns, perspective and color combinations.

6. Stimulates creativity. As your child learns the basic art of coloring he will begin to introduce variations to his coloring, drawn from the imaginary world that all children create in their minds. This creativity provides an excellent way for your child to express his personality.

7. Provides for self-expression. While many children express themselves verbally, others prefer to use art as a form of self-expression. The subjects your child chooses, and the colors he selects, can tell you a lot about how he is feeling and what he is thinking.

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