Audrey Wingate

Originally from Glendale, Arizona, Audrey Wingate now lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with her seventeen year old daughter Sarah and two dogs. Audrey’s son, who is a realtor, also lives nearby with his wife and two year old son, Josh.

For many years Audrey was employed as a local government officer, but today her time is her own and she spends much of it looking after her grandson and indulging her passion for art. She also spends time each weekend helping out at a local senior citizens center where, among other things, she runs classes on relaxation. It was here that she first experimented with adult coloring and began creating her own coloring patterns.

Although she was reluctant to do so at first, encouragement from many of here devotees finally persuaded her to gather her coloring patterns together and publish them as a series of books. Now, fortunately, a much wider audience can experience the joy of coloring and either take it up, or continue with it, as a firm favorite when it comes to shaking off the trials and tribulations of life and simply relaxing.

Audrey’s series currently runs to twenty volumes and only time will tell whether she decides to develop this further.

Audrey Wingate – Coloring Books