Cosmic Odyssey Wall Art

Explore the universe’s grandeur with the ‘Cosmic Odyssey’ art collection. These 60 high-resolution prints are a visual feast, designed to bring the beauty and mystery of outer space into your home or office, all at an incredible value.

Image Details

No of Images: 60 (20 small, 20 medium & 20 large)
Image Format: JPG
Image Size:
Small – 18″ by 12″
Medium – 30″ by 20″
Large -36″ by 24px
Image Resolution: 300 dpi



Please note that watermarks are only added to images for display here on the website. Any images purchased will NOT be watermarked.

This is a DIGITAL download in the form of one or more zip files containing images. NO physical items will be shipped.

Cosmic Odyssey Art Collection

Delve into the vastness of space with the ‘Cosmic Odyssey’ art collection. This breathtaking series of 60 images captures the awe and mystery of the cosmos through surreal landscapes and celestial phenomena. Each piece is designed to stir the imagination and evoke the majesty of the universe, making it a perfect addition for any space enthusiast or art collector.

Product Details:

  • Wide Range of Sizes:
    • Small: 20 prints of 18″ x 12″
    • Medium: 20 prints of 30″ x 20″
    • Large: 20 prints of 36″ x 24″
  • Superb Quality: Printed at a high resolution of 300 dpi, capturing every nuance in vivid color.
  • Affordable Price: Own this mesmerizing collection for only $7.95.

Why Choose Cosmic Odyssey?

  • Dramatic Visuals: Experience the dynamic forms and vivid contrasts that depict massive cosmic events and serene celestial moments.
  • Inspirational Imagery: Each artwork serves as a meditation on the infinite, encouraging reflection on our place in the universe.
  • Decor Impact: Perfect for adding a cosmic touch to any room, from living spaces to offices.

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