Large Print Kakuro Puzzle Book 1: 100 Cross Sums Puzzles


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This is the first in a series of Large Print Kakuro puzzle books by Kenneth Quinlan.

  • 100 Cross Sums Puzzles
  • Includes Solutions
  • Large Print
  • Large format (8.5″ x 11″)
  • 114 Pages
  • Print Book


Kakuro (also known as Cross Sum Puzzles, Addition Crosswords, Cross Product Puzzles and Multiplication Crosswords) is a logic puzzle game. Kakuro puzzle books are becoming increasingly popular today because the game is very easy to learn and puzzles are available in a variety of different sizes, providing various degrees of difficulty.

Often classed as logic games and puzzles or brain teasers for adults and kids alike, Kakuro puzzles require logic and deductive reasoning to find a solution. Kakuro is also commonly found under the category of math puzzles but, in fact, only a very basic knowledge of mathematics is required.

Suitable for all ages, Kakuro is a brain game for kids, addults and seniors which is excellent for brain training at younger ages, and can help us to continue learning and stay mentally healthy throughout our lives. In fact, recent studies have shown that tackling puzzles of this nature may well play a very important role in helping lower the risk of dementia with ageing.

Brain games and brain teasers like Kakuro can be played anywhere, and so it is ideal for moments of down-time during the day or, for example, for combating such things as the boredom of commuting.

If you have not yet learned how to play Kakuro then you will discover that it is a great way to escape, relax, keep your mind active and, most important of all, have Fun!