Spot the Difference – Free Sample 4

This PDF is US Letter size (8.5" x 11") and, for best results, you should print the puzzle page out on a home color printer at full size to solve the puzzle. The solution page (blurred out here to hide the solution, but clear in the downloadable PDF) can either be printed out or viewed on a computer.

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This is a DIGITAL download in the form of one or more PDF files containing images. NO physical items will be shipped.

This is one of a number of sample spot the difference images which are currently being offered for download free of charge.

This sample is a downloadable PDF showing the original image, together with a copy to which 10 changes have been made. The changes involve such things as items being removed from the original, added to the original, re-positioned or recolored. Your task is simply to identify where the changes have been made. A solution is included!

For ease, it is suggested that, where possible, the images be printed out on a home color printer at full size (US Letter).