Spot the Difference Puzzles: A Brain Teasing Children’s Activity Book – Book 5 (PDF)


This is the fifth book in a series of seven children’s spot the difference books.

This is the PDF version of the book, which is also available as a print book and as a Kindle book.


Spot the difference puzzle books are some of the most popular puzzles for kids and, like many childrens puzzles, are excellent for child development.

With no fewer than 40 sets of almost identical picture puzzles, this full-color find the differences book provides hours of fun for kids of all ages. These brain teaser puzzles for kids are however best suited to children over the age of 6.

Each set of pictures contains at least 10 differences, and finding them helps your child to develop a range of skills including observation, attention and concentration, as well as providing an excellent way to improve the memory. Like many kids activity books, these brain teaser puzzles make very popular childrens books, aiding both child development and education.