Flowers: A Full Color Introduction To The World Of Adult Coloring (PDF)


This is the first of twenty-one adult coloring books by Sue Taylor-Cox and provides an introduction to the world of adult coloring, with 21 illustrated floral designs to color.

  • 21 fully Illustrated outlines to color
  • 50 pages
  • Full Color
  • Large Format (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Downloadable PDF Book
  • Also available as a Print Book


Create Your Own Flower Art

Color in this mix of simple and complex line drawings to create you own beautiful pictures of flowers. Whether we are talking about spring or perennial flowers, or even exotic flowers, plants and flowers provide excellent subjects for a coloring book.

Coloring is an activity that has long been associated with children and it has been taken for granted that, as we reach maturity, we put away our crayons or colored pencils and turn to more adult pursuits. In recent years however we have increasingly witnessed this wisdom being rejected and coloring for adults has become a widespread activity.

But why has coloring for adults become so popular? There are many explanations for the rapid growth in adult coloring, but here are just some…

Coloring Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Psychiatrists have long known that coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain and allows your mind to get some rest. Indeed the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, is known to have given his patients mandalas to color more than 100 years ago. In the hectic world we inhabit today the stress reducing properties of coloring are perhaps more valuable than they have ever been.

Coloring Trains Your Mind To Focus

Remaining inside the lines as you color requires focus and, while you concentrate on this stress-free and relaxing activity, you can forget about your worries. Coloring is a mental exercise that lets you put aside everything else for the time you spend coloring, and this is very important in our increasingly stressful world.

Coloring Helps To Develop Motor Skills And Vision

Coloring forces the two sides of your brain to work together and involves both the use of logic (used for coloring forms) and creativity (as we mix and match colors). This, in turn, brings the areas of the brain concerned with fine motor skills and vision into play, and helps to keep these active and develop them further. This is the aspect of coloring that is being increasingly seen as especially valuable for older individuals, as many in the medical profession believe that it can delay, or even prevent, the onset of dementia.

Coloring Provides The Opportunity To Be Social

Although you may think that coloring would be a solo occupation, its growing popularity is fast turning it into a social one. Friends, families, work colleagues and others are now getting together to eat, drink and enjoy the opportunity to socialize, through their shared interest in coloring. Undoubtedly, this is a great excuse for getting together, as coloring takes only minimal concentration and can be done easily in a group.

Coloring Lets You Express Yourself

There are no rules when it comes to coloring and your coloring book is your coloring book. If you mistakenly make the cat’s back leg green because you thought that it was part of the grass, who cares? Should you decide to make the sky pink, what does it matter? You can be as creative as you like because this is your project, and yours alone. When it comes to choosing colors remember that the American artist James Whistler once famously remarked, “Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.”

You may already be a convert to adult coloring, in which case you will appreciate its value. Alternatively, this may be a new project for you and one that you are looking at for any one of several different reasons. If this is a new project for you then I urge you to give it a try. There is a reason why so many people are fired up about the world of adult coloring, so join in and begin enjoying the benefits for yourself today.