Tigers (PDF)


Tigers is the seventh book in the The Animal Kids’ Books Series, featuring amazing pictures and animal facts everyone should know.


Tigers is the seventh in a series of books exploring the animal kingdom using both words and amazing pictures of animals.

The world of animals

Animals come in all shapes and sizes and include mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. And, whether we are talking about wild animals or their more familiar domestic counterparts, we are looking at a fascinating world that you can spend a lifetime exploring, and only scratch the surface.

Tigers – Amazing Pictures and Animal Facts Everyone Should Know looks at the dwindling tiger population around the world as as we see the number of species still living in the wild literally falling before our very eyes.

Tigers range in size, color and markings and, large or small, are truly regal creatures. For many the tiger is an animal to be feared but when you study them in their natural habitat it is clear that they are are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. This book includes details of the following tigers:

  • Bengal Tiger
  • Indoschinese Tiger
  • Malayan Tiger
  • Siberian (Amur) Tiger
  • Sumatran Tiger
  • South China (Amoy or Xiamen) Tiger

After a lifetime spent studying the animal kingdom at first hand as she has traveled the globe, Ann Lawrence brings the world of these wonderful creatures of the jungle to life with some of the most amazing pictures you will find anywhere.