Wendy Zurbowich

Wendy was born in the small town of Temple in Cotton County, Oklahoma. Today however she lives with her husband Greg in New York City, where they both work in advertising.

New York is one of the world’s most vibrant cities and is an exciting place to live. The pace of life can however be hectic at times, and this is especially true for a young couple working in the high pressure field of advertising. Wendy and Greg recognized early on that they were going to need to find a diversion that was going to allow them to take time out, slow down and relax.

For Wendy, release came in the form of writing, drawing and coloring. In fact, her favorite activity was to find a quiet, warm and light corner and lose herself for a couple of hours with a coloring book.

Today, with Greg’s encouragement, she has branched out and combines here skills by creating her own coloring books, so that others may join her in enjoying her favorite, and most relaxing, pastime.

Adult Coloring Books