Farting People

A coloring book for adults (and older kids) with 30 humorous images of people farting to bring to life with color.



A unique collection of stress-relieving farting people waiting to be brought to their full power in glorious color.

Farting has long been a source of humor for kids of all ages and what could be better than using this as the basis for coloring images to really let the imagination go and have some fun.

So, relax, let yourself go and let the images that these farting people conjure up as you color them take away your problems and leave you happy and relaxed.

  • ✍ 30 farting people images to color.

  • ✍ Each images appears on a page by itself, so that colors do not bleed through to an image on the reverse of the same page.

  • ✍ Widen your color palette as gray outlines, rather than the standard stark black outlines, are used throughout.

  • ✍ With a page size of 8.5″ x 11″ this book is large enough for you to work with it comfortably.

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